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Hear Clear ... Increasing communication and hearing accessibility for all
We are happy to deliver and install our products in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont 
​Solutions for 
Classrooms and Public Venues
FM Products, Hearing Aids, and Bluetooth Options
FrontRow sound systems improve classroom communication
  • Sound field technology for individuals can be simple to use while dramatically improving the user's listening environment.
  • From classrooms to living rooms, our FM and Loop systems are flexible 
  • Products are available as complete systems, or can compliment existing equipment you may already own.
In this picture, a teacher helps a girl who is wearing a personal FM transmitter
  • Loop systems can cover any size 
  • Using FrontRow improves students' focus and create a more productive learning environment.
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Picture of a teacher activating the voice commands of her Juno microphone
Solutions for 
and can easily be adapted to your custom needs.
This is the FrontRow logo and slogan 'your school, connected'
This blue and white logo is the universal symbol for t-coils, the device that allows hearing loops to function
  •                         transmit an audio signal to hearing aids and cochlear implants, making it easier to focus on a speaker's voice while ignoring background noise
area, from individual sized loops for customer assistance to large meeting areas such as places of worship and auditoriums.
Hearing loops
   "Our goal at Hear Clear is to give every individual the opportunity to participate and learn while being free from the burden of hearing loss."

Understanding the causes and consequences of hearing loss:

The majority of people with hearing loss are either working or school aged.

Around 65% of people with hearing loss are categorized as 'mild', and can greatly benefit from some form of hearing assistance.
Many aspects of everyday life can become difficult or impossible with hearing loss.  Conversations, classrooms, phone calls, or watching TV can become particularly challenging.  People with hearing loss who don't use any form of hearing assistance experience more sadness and anxiety than hearing aid users.  However, studies show that people who have access to hearing assistance devices have more self confidence and independence.